"Spider-Man: Homecoming" involves a young man taking on great power and great responsibility. But we’re not talking about Peter Parker becoming Spider-Man — we’re talking about director Jon Watts , whose big-budget Marvel debut is only his third feature film. I had no problem relating to Peter Parker," Watts said, laughing, when we met to discuss the new movie in London this week. "He feels like he might be in way over his head but is desperate to prove himself. I mean, no similarities!" Watts was hot off the acclaim for his low-budget 2015 thriller " Cop Car " starring Kevin Bacon when he was given the chance to pitch Marvel on his vision for Spider-Man. It’s a huge gig, as this marks the long-awaited moment the friendly neighbourhood wallcrawler finally takes centre stage alongside other heroes of Marvel’s cinematic universe — including Iron Man himself. Luckily Marvel movie supremo Kevin Feige has a history of giving fresh up-and-coming writers and directors a shot, like Edgar Wright (" Ant-Man "), Taika Waititi (" Thor: Ragnarok ") and Ryan Coogler (" Black Panther "). With "Homecoming" about to swing into theatres, we asked the affable — and surprisingly relaxed — […]