Horror film Winchester misfires on message of gun violence

Winchester , directed by Peter and Spierig, is another mock-horror film playing fast and loose with the phrase, “ on a true story.” These are the end credit facts: the Winchester mansion, located in San Jose, California, did in fact undergo around-the-clock construction, following Sarah Winchester’ wishes, after the death of husband, William Wirt Winchester. The mansion is rumored to be the most haunted house in the United States, tenanted by the lost souls of those formerly killed by the Winchester rifle. However, the Spierig brothers do not offer any legitimate speculations with Winchester and, much like the mansion itself, the film lacks any sense of a master plan. Jason Clarke plays the psychologist Eric Price, a walking malpractice of a doctor, who is less interested in coping with his past mistakes than is in the allure of slowly poisoning himself. One of his defining character quirks is reciting a brief lecture on how fear is created in the mind, which likes to use as a pickup line. is clear is shoveling for rock bottom with both hands. By the grace of screenwriting convenience, Eric is approached by a representative of the Winchester […]

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