“What makes you think the ride is over? What makes you think it’s ever going to ?” On the surface, The Evil Within looks like just another movie. However, delve deeper and you’ll discover something genuinely fascinating. Before I can even get to the film, I must briefly mention its problematic production. Written and directed by Andrew Getty, The Evil Within took 15 to complete. The film was a personal project Getty, who largely self-financed the estimated cost four to six million dollars the production. It was released in 2017, two after Getty’s death in . The film was inspired by the childhood nightmares of Getty. Filming began in 2002, and the film was largely in Getty’s own mansion. He was heavily involved in the creation of many of the elaborate , animatronics and other effects. The production through a number of , including; budgetary complications, lawsuits and conflicts with the cast and crew. Getty continued to on the film for many years after, his own special effects and trying to perfect the film. He died in 2015 due to an alleged addiction to Methamphetamine. Unfortunately, this was before […]