Image: Radiotopia Lau­ra Dern, Kyle MacLach­lan (Screen­shot: Twin Peaks) Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey/​Netflix The final hours of this House Of Cards sea­son are full of sur­pris­es, all of them laugh­able com­plete­ly devoid of log­ic. The show has nev­er placed a high pri­or­i­ty on plau­si­bil­i­ty, but you know even the writ­ers are a lit­tle embar­rassed by how far they’ve gone this time they give Claire a line like “That doesn’t make any , Fran­cis.” She could be describ­ing many of the events of the last two episodes (both direct­ed by Robin Wright), which cul­mi­nate in a moment that’s been at least two sea­sons in the , final­ly arrived at via some of the clunki­est plot mechan­ics in series his­to­ry. “Chap­ter 64” sets the tone in its open­ing two min­utes, when Frank wraps up a chat with Durant by telling her she’s going to to take a fall and then her down a flight of stairs. Some­how he’s got­ten even less sub­tle in his mur­der­ous impuls­es; at least when he pushed Zoe in front of a train, he was wear­ing a dis­guise. Even if he made sure he was out of cam­era range in this […]