Image: Radiotopia Laura Dern, Kyle MacLachlan (Screenshot: Twin ) Robin Wright, Kevin Spacey/Netflix The final two hours of this House Of Cards season are full of surprises, almost all of them laughable completely devoid of logic. The has never placed a high priority plausibility, but you know even the writers are a little embarrassed by how far they’ve gone this time they give Claire a line like “ doesn’t make any , Francis.” She could be describing many of the events of the last two episodes (both directed by Robin Wright), which culminate a moment ’s been at least two seasons in the , finally arrived at via some of the clunkiest plot mechanics in series history. “Chapter 64” sets the tone in its opening two minutes, when wraps up a chat with Durant by telling her she’s going to have to take a fall and then pushes her down a flight of stairs. Somehow he’s gotten even less subtle in his murderous impulses; at least when he pushed Zoe in front of a train, he was wearing a disguise. Even if he made sure he was out of camera range in this […]

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