Wel­come to a new fea­ture here at Dream of Trav­el Writ­ing – the Mon­day Mail­bag! We often get ques­tions from read­ers, folks in our account­abil­i­ty group, or coach­ing pro­gram mem­bers that we think would apply to a lot of you. Now, with per­mis­sion, agony-aunt-style, we’ll be shar­ing a new one with you each Mon­day. If you have a ques­tion you’d like to see includ­ed, please send it to us at ques­tions [at] dreamof​trav​el​writ​ing​.com and make sure to include a line say­ing we have per­mis­sion to reprint your ques­tion. On to the tricky trav­el writ­ing ques­tions! The Back­ground In our Pitcha­palooza Pro­gram run­ning this month, we break pitch­es into three sec­tions that we work on sep­a­rate­ly: “P1” or the lede/​lead “P2” where we explain what the sto­ry is about the “about me” para­graph or “P3” ( You can read more about our rec­om­mend­ed pitch­ing for­mu­la in brief here. ) But we also break the types of pitch­es we’re writ­ing in three types of arti­cle pitch­es that we work on sep­a­rate­ly: short, “front-of-book” pieces depart­ments fea­tures One of the mem­bers of the pro­gram asked me: “Am I miss­ing some­thing or do many mag­a­zines only have FOB, BOB and fea­tures (no depart­ments)?” It’s a […]