I spent most of June experiencing horrible, terminal writers’ block. That frustrating, cloying feeling where the and there, simmering gently below the surface, but no amount of coaxing or cajoling will encourage them to fall neatly ordered on the page. cursor blinks patiently at me while I deliberate over the minutiae of the opening paragraph, or get hung up on the lack of a decent title. Then decide that maybe what I need is five minutes on Instagram instead, to “get some inspiration”. Two hours later it’s time for dinner, and nothing has been written. problem is that I get hung up on telling a story. Storytelling has been at the of everything I love about writing since I first a chunky HB pencil and write down the fantastic adventures of my Sylvanian Families otters. These usually involved the canal boat going over a waterfall and by some miracle arriving safely at the bottom. When I think about all the times I’ve felt really blocked throughout my career as a science it will be because I just cannot find the story that I want to . At the risk […]