How Listening to Podcasts and Radio Can Help You Write Realistic Dialogue

Photo by Alice Moore on Unsplash Train your ear to help you write better. I listen to a lot of podcasts. But then again, so do so many other people that I personally know. Podcasts are fun. You get to listen to something entertaining while going for a jog, a long walk, and to and from work. There are so many now that there are all kinds of topics to listen to. But one thing always stands out to me when it comes to listening to podcasts. I get to listen to people discuss specific topics within a restricted amount of time. So many podcasts have hosts that read off of scripts, but even those have sections where the conversation just flows freely. And apparently to complement that aspect of the episode, the rest of it has to be scripted to read naturally and sound pleasing to the listener. By noticing those things I’ve realized that though writing dialogue for short stories (or long pieces) is technically scripting what someone is saying, hearing people speak in a “naturally scripted” way can improve dialogue. I think listening to interesting podcasts can help writing in the same way that reading poetry […]

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