How new wave legend Nick Heyward transformed his musical doodles into songs

“To me, editing is another instrument. It’s a vital part of the creative process.” As we look back on the major hits and killer sounds of 2017, we are reminded that the odds of artists looking to make lasting careers out of their initial splashes are, frankly, super-slim in our current instant-grat-track climate. Sure, you’ve perfectly captured the zeitgeist of the day to in-the-moment perfection, but is that the end of it? You have to wonder: will Cardi B, the Despacito gang, Tove Styrke, and Diet Cig be able to sustain substantive careers beyond their big hits of this soon-to-be-passing year, or are they all fated to be consigned to the playlist you’re putting together for that upcoming New Year’s Eve party — that is, the playlist you’ll soon wind up renaming Bad and Boujee : 2017 One-Hit Wonders? That said, sometimes it actually does take a few good years for true artists to find the nexus of their staying power. That’s exactly what happened with British singer/songwriter Nick Heyward , who made his initial splash during the prime MTV era by helming hit songs like Love Plus One and Favourite Shirts (Boy Meets Girl) with new-wave icons Haircut […]

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