How to Build Tension Through Atmosphere in YA Fiction

Hey there, aspiring writers! Have you ever noticed that in some of your favorite books, authors are able to lay traps and build to peak tension just through some expertly chosen descriptions? It’s all about making the reader feel what the characters are feeling, and THE MEMORY TREES is a prime example of this! The editor of this chilling book is here to help! Editor’s Pick is an ongoing series where we ask editors to break down the mechanics of what makes the writing in some of our favorite books so amazing and give tips on how you can apply it to your own work How to Build Tension Through Atmosphere In YA Fiction By Alex Arnold Hi! I’m Alex Arnold, editor at Katherine Tegen Books, an imprint of HarperCollins Children’s Books. October is my favorite month; I’m all about sweater weather, changing leaves, and curling up to read with a hot drink. Now I have one more reason to add to the list: THE MEMORY TREES , Kali Wallace’s second stunning YA novel, is out in the world! In THE MEMORY TREES , 16-year-old Sorrow Lovegood is returning to her childhood home after years away. When she was […]

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