The most important lesson that a professional writer learns is self editing. The reason for this is so that the work they present to potential publishers is word perfect. Their reputation depends upon it, and a publisher will certainly not accept work which has not been edited properly. It shows sloppy attitude and it also shows the level of professionalism employed by the writer. One of the lessons people learn when starting their writing career is that the extra bit of time taken in editing may just mean the difference between earning and being on the bread line. Time is money The first thing which is of major importance is always to write in a professional word processing program that tells you as you type when you have made an error. This is particularly useful when you write to a market abroad, or one that uses a different English than the one you are accustomed to. American English is very easy to set on a professional program, and setting up the word processor for the project is the first step toward editing. This saves time, and helps the writer to correct spelling errors as they work. Once you see […]

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