How to Prepare for a New Year of Reading

How do you prepare for a new year of reading? Do you prepare? Do you make lists? Buy new books? Get rid of books? Start a journal? Turn to Goodreads? Set a goal? Well, dear readers, here are a few of my reflections at the beginning of a new year: Buy a journal Or two journals, or three. Who knows? What are you supposed to write in a journal? Lists. Lists of what? Books you want to read? Books you’ve read? Other things beyond books, like quotes? What kind of journal should you buy? What are these bullet journal things ? Do you need new pens? You will lose new pens. You feel like a bullet journal will require a lot of organizational skills that you don’t possess, but you want to try anyway. New year, new you. Notebooks of the past, present, and future You’re a dedicated user of Goodreads, but beyond that you’ve kept no records of the books you’ve read or intend to read. You used to use a notebook, but as the booklist numbers started to creep into the thousands you gave up, and now rely solely on Goodreads. What would happen if Goodreads went […]

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