How to Publish a Short Story: Find Your Publication and Idea

A lot of you have just finished participating in The Write Practice’s 7 Day Creative Writing Challenge. You’re pumped, inspired, enthused. You feel good about establishing a writing habit . Now what? Now you write a short story and submit . This post the first in a four-part series that will show you how to publish a short story, walking you through the process of planning, writing, and submitting a short story. At the end of the series, you’ll have a short story ready for submittal! Don’t be nervous. ’re going to do this together. NOTE: Throughout this series, DO NOT post your work in the comments. ’m going to ask you to submit to a publisher at the end of this series, and posting it here would be considered publishing it. Our Becoming Writer community a great place to workshop your story before you submit it. How to Publish a Short Story So you want to publish a short story. What comes first? Where do you start? Do you really know how to publish a short story? Never fear. Today, let’s walk through the first two steps: 1. Choose a Publication If you’re anything like me, […]

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