Tips to enhance your poet­ry read­ing expe­ri­ence. Have you fell in love with a song imme­di­ate­ly upon hear­ing it? soon it’s over, you whip out your phone and pur­chase the song, and then you it on repeat for the rest the day until you know every note and lyric. It becomes your your favorite, your lat­est . That prob­a­bly doesn’t hap­pen very often. Usu­al­ly when you hear a new song, you feel ambiva­lent about it. You don’t to jump out your chair and start danc­ing. The song doesn’t make you bang your head. You can’t sing along. You don’t care if you hear it again. then you do hear it again. And on the sec­ond lis­ten, you real­ize, this song isn’t so bad . Then you hear it again and notice an inter­est­ing lyric or riff. Then you hear it again and find some­thing in the song that tru­ly speaks to you. After lis­ten­ing to it a dozen , the song has become one of your favorite pieces of music. Some­times we fall in love instant­ly and oth­er , things need to grow on us. The same is true […]