How to Read Poetry

Tips to enhance poetry reading . Have you ever fell in love with a song immediately upon hearing it? As soon as it’s , you whip out and purchase the song, and then you play it on repeat for the rest of the day until you know every note and lyric. It becomes your current , latest obsession. That probably doesn’t happen very often. Usually when you hear a new song, you feel ambivalent about it. You don’t want to jump out of chair and start dancing. The song doesn’t make you bang head. You can’t sing along. You don’t care if you ever hear it again. But then you hear it again. And on the second listen, you realize, this song isn’t so bad . Then you hear it again and notice an interesting lyric or riff. Then you hear it again and something in the song that truly speaks to you. After listening to it a dozen times, the song become one of your favorite pieces of music. Sometimes we fall in love instantly and other times, things need to grow on . The is true […]

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