Blogger: Janet Kobobel Grant Over the last seven years, all categories of authors have seen a dip in income and in sales figures. That includes those who consistently have significant sales; those who are mid-list; and those who are newbies. But in this risk-averse environment, publishers still are eager to sign up and to keep publishing authors whose next book is likely to have a strong performance. Who can blame the publishers? Strong winds keep hitting their sailboats, threatening to tip them over. The latest challenges include Amazon, the Regular Disruptor, making it hard for online book purchasers to buy a book from the publisher rather than a third-party; the continuing loss of mass market sales; the closing of Family Christian Stores; the unending challenge of returns and the struggle to manage inventory well. But publishers understand that producing books is a business of chance. If they don’t invest in the future, they’re nowhere. So debut authors still can create buzz in a publishing house. The Mid-List Challenge Unfortunately, that leaves the mid-list author to take the majority of the hit when publishers downsize their publishing lists. That means authors who have been writing for 5, 10, even 15 […]

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