'How To Stop Time' By Matt Haig Is The Quirky Romance You Need This Winter

The first rule of the Albatross Society is that you don’t fall in love. There are other rules, sure, but that’s the most important one. Stick to that, and you can enjoy dozens of lifetimes however you please. But unfortunately for Tom Hazard, the protagonist of Matt Haig’s wonderful new novel, How to Stop Time , staying out of love may not be as easy as it sounds. Tom has a rare condition, you see, that makes him age slowly. He looks 41 years old, but he’s been alive for centuries: rubbing elbows with the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Captain Cook, and William Shakespeare. Only now he wants an ordinary life, back in London, as a history teacher. He certainly knows his history, after all. As Haig’s novel unfolds, we are confronted with the exuberant and painful memories of Tom’s past, as well as a budding romance in his present, and the secret society bent on keeping him in check. Altogether, How to Stop Time is a clever, beautifully crafted novel about love, history, and the tangled mess that comes with trying to live a human life of any length. It hits the shelves on Feb. 6th, and […]

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