How to time your day for peak performance, based on your chronotype

Knowing whether you’re an early bird, night owl or somewhere in between can help you optimize your productivity throughout the day. "All times of day are not created equal," bestselling author Daniel Pink tells CNBC Make It . "Our performance varies considerably over the course of the day, and what task to do at a certain time really depends on the nature of the task. If we look at the evidence, we can be doing the right work, at the right time." In his new book, " When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing ," Pink examines the science of timing and how it shapes our behavior. He distills the latest research — from economics and social psychology to linguistics and molecular biology — to offer key takeaways on how to rework your day to be more successful. Based on the findings of chronobiology, the study of our natural daily physiological rhythms, Pink says we all abide by a "hidden pattern of daily life" that affects our moods and, thus, our performance at work. Catherine Delahaye | Getty Images In a single day we go through three stages, Pink explains. This is what it looks like for most people: […]

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