How to Use Acting Techniques When Writing a Character’s Emotional Journey

Warner Loughlin An actor’s greatest desire is to so fully embrace a character, that he transports the audience into a magical realm of make believe. The ability to convincingly do that is separates the good actors from the great actors. They take us on a magical journey. how do actors do that? While it may look like an elusive art, there is a tangible and real way that you, as a writer, can achieve the same . It all starts with character. You may have the most intriguing story ever printed on a page, but ultimately we will care about the story because we care about the players it. We are caught up the emotional journey of the character, and want to see him/her succeed triumphantly, fail miserably or overcome adversity, etc. essence, we want to take that roller coaster of a journey. order to do that, you the writer must first create that journey of the character. A backstory for your character is imperative, but understanding the nuances of the emotional journey of your character is essential. It elevates your writing to unprecedented levels and separates your work from the next […]

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