How to Use Journaling to Create a More Meaningful Day

It all began a couple of months ago when I decided to start journaling daily. I was on Facebook and I was talking to a woman about anxiety and manifesting. She gave me a few ideas on how she manifest and copes with anxiety/stress and I wanted to try it for myself. I’ve always had a love for writing, but I was never consistent when it came to journaling. For example, I had started a 30-day journaling challenge last year and I literally only made it to day 6. * Facepalm emoji* However, I decided that I wanted to give journaling another try because my anxiety was through the roof and I needed a positive outlet to keep me calm and focused. So, what did I do? I began journaling every morning once I woke up and every night before bed. Let’s just say… I LOVE IT! I tried many different ways to journal until I found something that truly stuck with me and it helps me create a more meaningful day. In this post, I will introduce the way that I journal to create a more meaningful day, how you can start your own journal and a worksheet […]

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