This was coauthored with Sophie Hermanns. Last spring, two EAs (us) in NYT as co- alongside Mark Bittman, writing about the consequences that factory farming has for health. We asked by people to provide some brief tips about to publish op-eds in similarly high-profile venues, so here ya go. Do: Find an outlet that has broadly overlapping values and has published on your topic Contacting a writer who has written on your topic is one way to get your email read by higher-ups, but ultimately, you’ll have to go through an editor. Come up with a compelling angle on a story Novelty is key. Editors often more interested in new formulations arguments than rehearsals the same debates (yes, even if an old way looking at a problem is basically the right way). Importance your arguments ≠ publication. Sorry existential risk folks! Tie your article to a news hook, if possible Editors hooks that allow them to peg an important topic to something timely (see: “ The dark history behind letting male “geniuses” get away with bad behavior ”). If you aren’t able to find something recent, […]

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