This article was coauthored with Sophie Hermanns. Last spring, two EAs (us) were published in NYT as co-authors alongside Mark Bittman, writing about the consequences that factory farming has for human health. We were asked by several people to provide some brief tips about how to publish op-eds in similarly high-profile venues, so here ya go. Do: Find an outlet that has broadly overlapping values and has published on your topic Contacting a writer who has written on your topic is one way to get your email read by higher-ups, but ultimately, you’ll have to go through an editor. Come up with a compelling angle on a story Novelty is key. Editors are often more interested in new formulations of arguments than rehearsals of the same debates (yes, even if an old way of looking at a problem is basically the right way). Importance of your arguments ≠ publication. Sorry existential risk folks! Tie your article to a news hook, if possible Editors love hooks that allow them to peg an important topic to something timely (see: “ The dark history behind letting male “geniuses” get away with bad behavior ”). If you aren’t able to find something recent, […]

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