Hump Day: C.L. Wilson's THE SEA KING

We’ve made it to Wednesday — wahoo! Today we’re continuing our month-long paranormal romance celebration in honor of Halloween with this sexy excerpt from C.L. Wilson ‘s The Sea King . In this Hump Day excerpt of the RT Top Pick!, we meet Prince Dilys, who is on the hunt for a bride, and Summer princess Gabriella, who is so much more than she seems … The shock of her fall and the breathtaking cold of the water left Gabriella stunned for a moment, then the need to breathe snapped her to her senses. Her instinctive scream when she’d fallen left her with barely any air in her lungs. Kicking and flailing, she tried to swim back up to the surface, but the anchor tied to her ankle proved too heavy. Instead of going up, she continued to sink deeper. There was a splash overhead as something big hit the surface. She paid it no mind. Her entire being was focused on freeing herself from the anchor that was dragging her to her death. Her lungs began to burn as the need to breathe became dire. She tore at the rough, swollen rope tangled around her ankle, but the […]

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