'I Am, I Am, I Am' By Maggie O'Farrell Is A Gripping Examination Of Death & How It Changes The Way We Live

Photo of Maggie O’Farrell, courtesy of Murdo Macleod Acclaimed novelist Maggie O’Farrell has spent her career actively avoiding autobiographical writing. When she signed a book deal to write a memoir, she only asked her publisher for £1, unsure that she would be able to write about her own life experiences, let alone share them with the world. But that is exactly what she has done. "In a way, I feel you don’t always choose the books," O’Farrell tells me over Skype from her home in Edinburgh, "the books choose you. Certainly that was the case with this book." It may be the book she never planned to publish, but I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes with Death , out now from Knopf, seems to be the book O’Farrell was born to write . Told in non-chronological order and organized by body part — neck, abdomen, bloodstream, head, and so on — this breathtaking memoir weaves together the author’s near-death experiences to create a fully realized picture of what it means to fully live a life. Each gripping vignette offers various levels of terror — one where she recounts her run-in with a murderer on an isolated hike […]

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