Watching the edgy, abandoned-by-its-studio comedy "I Love You, Daddy," which be writer/director Louis C.K.’s last for a while least, a saddening experience for one who has admired C.K.’s previous work in stand-up and on TV. In what has to be the awkward case of timing since Husbands and Wives premiered after the Woody Allen scandal, movie’s former distributor, The Orchard, mailed out its for-your-consideration screener discs; the screeners arrived a couple of days after the schlubby auteur’s of sexual misconduct were confirmed and attached to real names, and after C.K. himself acknowledged that the women’s “stories are true.” So now hundreds of critics are sitting with this damn thing, wondering whether to it in the first , and wondering what the hell to do with it they have watched it. What I can do with it, having watched it, is to say that I Love You, Daddy requires a great deal of unpacking if one is unwilling to ignore the real life surrounding it. I can say that the movie is clearly the work of a gifted weasel — a man who writes scenes and dialogue that actors can […]

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