By: Schadenfreude Bae (MPreg & comedy) has been acting strange lately, so Megan takes him to the limb clinic to get examined and things get a little awkward, ’s just say that Adam has been programmed wrong. Adam and Megan were sat in the doctor’s office, waiting for the doctor to come and discuss Adam’s test results as he hadn’t felt himself lately and the past few weeks he spent on sick leave from work, as David Sarif was beginning to get frustrated the complaints he had been receiving of Adam throwing up in plant pots and trash cans around Sarif Industries. He was also gaining a of weight for some reason and he had been having major mood swings. He had been craving Chinese food and refusing to eat Megan’s cooking for weeks and was eating takeouts almost every day, and if Adam didn’t get what he wanted? He would get upset and angry and would start throwing things. The time he got angry was yesterday, he had ordered chicken chow mein from a Chinese restaurant in Detroit, and the poor guy behind the counter got his muddled up […]