Indrani Mukerjea's Grey Hair Intriguing, But She's Not the Story

Every time Indrani Mukerjea appears in court as she faces trial for the murder of daughter she gave birth when she was 15, the cameras get of her and it is always published. People can’t take their eyes off the greying, exposed roots of her hair. As the grey increases, we all wonder what we’d look like if we were locked up without to put our public face on. Indrani’ public face, when she was the owner of TV channel, was so glamorous, so put together, that we can’t believe what just two years in prison has to it. It’s as though Dorian Gray is looking in the mirror and everyone else can see it too. We stare. When Manjula Shetye, woman prisoner lodged in Mumbai prison died in custody, the headlines were all about Indrani. Instead of getting to the bottom of the autopsy report, which claims that lathi was inserted Manjula’s private parts, we wondered whether Indrani Mukerjea is just using this death to get prison benefits. Irresistible though Indrani’s story is, we have to look beyond at what Manjula Shetye’s death really tells […]

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