Ten years ago, up-and-coming comedian Kumail Nanjiani and therapist Emily V. Gordon were falling in love. Then Emily fell into a coma. Don’t worry: She came out of it, and many things have happened since then. Kumail landed a starring role in the hit HBO comedy Silicon Valley , Emily became a published author and screenwriter, and the couple have shared several projects, like a weekly stand-up showcase-turned TV show and a podcast. Now, they’ve turned their own love story into a feature film, The Big Sick —which, besides being a hilarious romantic comedy, packs insights about race, religion and family into its punch. Nanjiani stars as a version of himself (a Pakistani-American aspiring comedian with traditional Muslim parents), opposite Zoe Kazan as Emily and a brilliant cast that includes Holly Hunter, Ray Romano and alt-comedy favorites like Bo Burnham, Aidy Bryant and Kurt Braunohler. They enlisted Michael Showalter (coming off his 2015 feature Hello, My Name is Doris ) as director—and joined the ranks of Amy Schumer, Pete Holmes and Lena Dunham (to name a few) as writers whose idiosyncratic voices Judd Apatow has brought to the screen. “It was a very open process,” says Apatow, who produced […]

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