‘Inner Child Workbook’ Helps Adults Heal From Repressed Childhood Trauma

When Melissa Lee saw all the people coming forward about sexual abuse in recent months, she knew that she had something she needed to contribute to the conversation. Lee is a first-time author who lives in Essex, Connecticut. Her new book is Journey to the Inner Child Workbook: Meditations, Art Therapy, Journaling and Other Techniques. In the book she shares her process of recovering from sexual abuse in her childhood. She recently joined News Director Dan Katz to talk about the book. Below is a transcript of their conversation. Melissa, thanks for being with us. Thank you, Dan, I really appreciate this opportunity. The book is literally a workbook to help people reconnect with their inner child. It’s full of questions, prompts, and activities to do that. First for our listeners, how do you define the inner child? I think one of the most powerful experiences a person will ever have is meeting their inner child. And the reason for that is because in our childhood often, we have woundings and woundings where pain is creating, and those woundings…if we don’t deal with that and repress that, as adults it’s gonna come up in patterns in our life that […]

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