Photo via Rupi Kaur on Twitter There’s old, little-known idiom that goes something like this: Don’t judge a book by its . Well, readers, as it out, a popular Instagram poet would like you to do just that when considering work. It’s not a bad strategy, given that the “poems” contained therein pitiful, vapid, exploitative , and possibly plagiarized . If you, like me, fairly old, you might not heard Canadian poet Rupi Kaur. In 2014, she self-published a collection poems titled milk and honey . A year or so later, she gained a large Instagram platform after the network down a photo with period blood on sweatpants due to some twisted-up, puritanical interpretation of their community guidelines. All was well and good, and Kaur understandably used the incident to catapult status as a , and milk and honey was picked up by Andrews McMeel Publishing and hit one million sold copies in January of this year. Kaur’s second book, the sun and flowers , was released yesterday. As part of promotion for new book, Kaur’s publicist ostensibly set up an with The […]

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