Difficult second album? Hardly. A year on from their debut, the Canadian odd-pop wonders are back with even more genre-bending anthems and an emotionally open approach to songwriting. Talking to Weaves’ Jazz Burke and Morgan Waters with the help of modern day technology (a three-way phone call, to be exact), there’s a sudden sharp, piercing tone backed by a combination of rustling and percussive clatter. “Where are you? Are you shopping?” Morgan asks, a little perplexed. “I’m on the bus!” Jazz exclaims. It turns out she’s heading to a shopping centre an hour and a half away from Toronto. “Little adventures are good!” she enthuses. Little adventures are indeed good, but the adventure that Weaves have embarked on following the release of their explosive, genre-bending self-titled debut has been frankly massive. They spent nearly a year on the road. As soon as they returned home though, getting a well-deserved rest wasn’t the first thing on their minds. “After sitting in the van for so long, I think we were like ‘let’s be creative now, let’s do this!’ You kind of get antsy to get creative, and we just did it,” Morgan says. “You just get excited to come up […]

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