Express­ing your feel­ings is hard. Just ask Evan, aka Saro, a ris­ing singer who excels in songs that touch your heart deeply with their unde­ni­ably exact truths. Akin to embrac­ing his racial androg­y­ny, he eschews gen­res and instead pur­sues the per­fect form of a sound he can call his own. The result is a dark and trance-like fla­vor of pop that cuts to the heart but leaves your ears hap­py at the same time. His per­spec­tive is just as valu­able as his nat­ur­al vocal tal­ent, to which he applies a song­writ­ing skill that leaves lit­tle room for mis-inter­pre­ta­tions. His own words on his lat­est release, “Sky Doesn’t Blue”, out on the 8th of June; “I wrote ‘Sky Doesn’t Blue’ in the show­er. It’s ded­i­cat­ed to the inevitable death of nov­el­ty. How as you get old­er, things get hard­er, naiveté fades, and col­ors begin to dull. There’s no love like the first love, and the sky will nev­er be as blue as it once was.” Read­ing it so plain­ly you might think lis­ten­ing to his music might bring on the blues. This is not the case, how­ev­er. The truth in the emo­tion­al vocals evoke sol­i­dar­i­ty, as if stand­ing as a […]