Interview: Rising LA Vocalist Saro Sings In The Dark

Expressing feelings is hard. Just ask Evan, aka Saro, a rising singer who excels in songs that touch heart deeply their undeniably exact truths. Akin to embracing his racial androgyny, he eschews genres and instead pursues the perfect form of a sound he can call his own. The result is a and trance-like flavor of pop that cuts to the heart but leaves ears happy at the time. His perspective is just as valuable as his natural vocal talent, to which he applies a songwriting skill that leaves room for mis-interpretations. His own words on his latest release, "Sky Doesn’t Blue", out on the 8th of June; " wrote ‘Sky Doesn’t Blue’ in the shower. ’s dedicated to the inevitable death of novelty. How as you get older, get harder, naiveté fades, and colors begin to dull. There’s no love like the first love, and the sky will never be as blue as it once was." Reading it so plainly you might think listening to his music might bring on the blues. This is not the case, however. The truth in the emotional vocals evoke solidarity, as if standing as a […]

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