Interview: Ten Two

A new year is a great time to start a new chapter in your life, and this is certainly what Johnny B. has done. For much the last decade, he was the lead singer for the California alt-rock band Still The Sky’s Limit. Recently, though, he decided to change directions and become a solo artist. His new new name? Ten Two, a pseudonym that comes his initials’ place in the alphabet. In January, he released his first debut album under this name— Forth , which combines his alt-rock past his passion for acoustic music. We recently spoke to JB about his new music and passion for music in general. Read on to learn about his first solo tour, his aspirations for the future, and more. TYF: Before you were Ten Two, you were the frontman of Still The Sky’s Limit. How would you say that performing as a solo artist has been a departure from that experience? Ten Two: It’s a lot different because as a band, we were a bunch of friends onstage together and we’d play off each other. It was a lot of fun to interact one another as as crowds. […]

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