Irish Filmmaker Battling A.LS. Calls Poignant New Memoir ‘A Letter to Each of My Children’

Courtesy Simon Fitzmaurice Award-winning filmmaker Simon Fitzmaurice was just 33 when he was diagnosed with A.L.S. in 2008 — and told he had no more than four years to live. His wife, Ruth, was pregnant with their third child at the time, but Fitzmaurice refused to bow down to despair. In his memoir “ It’s Not Yet Dark,” which was released in the U.S. on Tuesday, the Irishman traces his journey from the tragic diagnosis (A.L.S. is a progressive neurological disorder that is usually fatal) to reclaiming his life and work as film director. Fellow countryman Colin Farrell narrated the documentary of the same name, which highlights Fitzmaurice’s inspirational story and opens in theaters on Friday. “A beautiful love story — in its essence that’s what this is,” Farrell said in a blurb for the book. “Survival stories are not about surviving, they’re inherently about what makes a survivor push through. A desire to remain in the light of all creation, even as a darkening is taking place. A darkening which happens to us all.” In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Fitzmaurice shared details about his memoir and how he stayed in the light: through his work and his […]

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