Is Anna Faris Unqualified?

“I am clearly a flawed person,” said Anna Faris. On the first page of her new memoir, “Unqualified,” Anna Faris confesses that she’s not exactly thrilled to be writing a book: “I’m terrified.” Considering some of the personal and embarrassing revelations that follow, fear is understandable. Ms. Faris, who stars in the CBS sitcom “Mom” and has appeared in nearly 40 movies, covers an impressive range of taboo subjects: her plastic surgery, her “crazy masturbation phase,” the number — and names — of people she’s slept with, and her feelings of jealousy when her husband, the actor Chris Pratt, would appear onscreen with beautiful co-stars. But when she sold her memoir to Dutton last year, Ms. Faris had no idea how awkward things would get. The book, which is out Tuesday, blends relationship advice with Ms. Faris’s reflections on her romantic follies — yet it comes just a couple of months after the announcement of her separation from Mr. Pratt, after eight years of marriage. Penguin Random House She decided, as she often does when she’s feeling uncertain, to plunge ahead, despite the fact that her book casts an idealistic light on their marriage and barely alludes to its […]

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