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Note: Hi, ’d like to start by saying ’m sorry vanished and that the 12 days of Patreonmas didn’t happen. ’s very complicated and has everything to do with my MI’s and I’m sorry for disappointing all of you. I hope you enjoy this unedited short I just drew up. ’s the first thing I’ve been able to write all !! >>>>>>>> Ours I was just about to put my pyjamas on and call a night on this particularly complicated thousand piece puzzle when something hit my window. I stood up and stepped out onto the balcony, pulling my sweater around me tighter at the light evening breeze. took me a second to find the source of the noise, until I stepped on . A pebble. Confused, I picked up the pebble and walked to the edge of the balcony to peer down at the street below where my best friend stood. We hadn’t spoken in weeks since she’d started dating that girl, but seeing standing there in high waisted jean shorts and a big oversized flannel with messy wavy ponytail and her soft freckled brown skin me forget all the jealousy […]

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