I several years as a bookseller, moving into the sales team at OUP Children’s Books, in a role focused on online. Here I gained a really close knowledge of online retailers, and they both display metadata and use it the scenes. Since joining Pan Mac I’ve really been to deepen my knowledge and become a specialist – which you need to be in order position your books effectively online. For a long time it has seemed as though publishers were willing to let metadata take a backseat. They viewed it as of a larger process, or a beneficial side-effect. With the Nielsen whitepaper on the link between metadata and sales giving a clear of the impact metadata can bring, and as competitors continue to develop their use of metadata, publishers are really beginning to see it for what it really is – most important discovery . Schemes like the BIC accreditation are excellent for creating industry standards and fostering the use, and timeliness, of metadata. What they don’t do is measure the quality of that metadata. That’s up to you. It’s not about ticking boxes, it’s about making those […]

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