I spent sev­er­al years as a book­seller, before mov­ing into the sales team at OUP Children’s Books, in a role focused on online. Here I gained a real­ly close knowl­edge of online retail­ers, and how they both dis­play meta­da­ta and use behind the scenes. Since join­ing Pan Mac I’ve real­ly been able to deep­en my knowl­edge and become a spe­cial­ist – which you need to be in posi­tion your books effec­tive­ly online. For a long time it has seemed as though pub­lish­ers were will­ing to let meta­da­ta take a back­seat. They viewed it as part of a larg­er process, a ben­e­fi­cial side-effect. With the Nielsen whitepa­per on the link between meta­da­ta and sales giv­ing us a clear view of the impact meta­da­ta can bring, and as com­peti­tors con­tin­ue to devel­op use of meta­da­ta, pub­lish­ers are real­ly begin­ning to see it for what it real­ly is – our most dis­cov­ery tool. Schemes the BIC accred­i­ta­tion scheme are excel­lent for indus­try stan­dards and fos­ter­ing the use, and time­li­ness, of meta­da­ta. What they don’t do is the qual­i­ty of that meta­da­ta. That’s up to you. It’s not about tick­ing box­es, it’s about mak­ing those […]