'Izzy Gets The F— Across Town': Film Review | LAFF 2017

FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME PRINT COMMENTS Courtesy of LA Film Festival Mackenzie Davis stars in Christian Papierniak7;s indie comedy set among struggling L.A. millennials, with a supporting cast that includes Carrie , Haley Joel Osment and Alia Shawkat. Think quickly — who’s the flakiest person you know? Maybe it’s somebody who’s always misplacing their house keys, constantly forgetting where they parked their car or simply incapable of their life together. Perhaps a relative? A co-worker? A former friend now held at arm’s length? For just about anybody who knows , Izzy (Mackenzie Davis, from Halt and Catch Fire ) would be that person — someone stumbling through life seeking acceptance, but constantly creating chaos in Christian Papierniak’s dizzying mashup of frenetic visual styles and clashing narrative . Even if Izzy Gets the F— Town at first appears to be strictly a late-night festival item, don’t be surprised to see it popping up among some streamer’s offbeat offerings at a later date. A punk rock singer-guitarist who hasn’t gigged in months after breaking up the she’d formed with her estranged sister Virginia (Carrie ), Izzy remains totally unfocused, chronically broke and almost always a red-hot mess. So […]

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