'Izzy Gets The F— Across Town': Film Review | LAFF 2017

FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME PRINT COMMENTS Courtesy of LA Film Festival Mackenzie Davis stars in Christian Papierniak’s indie comedy set among struggling L.A. millennials, with a supporting cast that includes Carrie Coon, Haley Joel Osment Alia Shawkat. Think quickly — who’s the flakiest person you know? Maybe ’s somebody who’s always misplacing their house keys, constantly forgetting where they parked their car or simply incapable of getting their life together. Perhaps a relative? A co-worker? A former friend now held ’s length? For just about anybody who knows her, Izzy (Mackenzie Davis, from Halt and Catch Fire ) would be that person — someone stumbling through life seeking acceptance, but constantly creating chaos in Christian Papierniak’s dizzying mashup of frenetic visual styles and clashing narrative techniques. Even if Izzy Gets the at first appears to be strictly a late-night festival item, don’t be surprised to see it popping up among some streamer’s offbeat offerings at a later date. A punk rock singer-guitarist who hasn’t gigged in months breaking up the band she’d formed with her estranged sister Virginia (Carrie Coon), Izzy remains totally unfocused, chronically broke and almost always a red-hot mess. So […]

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