Review In many ways, Jabberwocky is very much a Terry Gilliam film. You can see his unmistakable directorial stamp on it with unorthodox yet realistic characters, a bizarre yet plausible world, unusual but ordinary situations, and subtext intermingled with surface-level personal statements. At the same, it’s also clear that he hadn’t quite shaken Monty Python out of his system when it came to his approach to filmmaking. It’s almost as if Jabberwocky was meant to be an intentional companion piece to Monty Python and the Holy Grail , which is not terrible company to be in with at all. Yet for Gilliam, it was a stepping stone to other things – a way of expressing himself using Lewis Carroll’s nonsensical poem for inspiration, but also going beyond the confines of animation and sketch comedy. Jabberwocky concerns a young man named Dennis (Michael Palin), a cooper apprentice in medieval times who would like nothing better than to break even with the least amount of effort, eventually wanting to marry the object of his desires, the heavy-set and uncaring Griselda, but also earning the approval of her father along the way. Realizing he must go to the city in order to […]