JABberwocky Holiday eBook Sale

of our most popular eBook titles are on sale today, Wednesday, December 20th until Monday, January 15th — which leaves enough time to kick off the New by grabbing a good book at a perfect . Jack Campbell ‘s DAUGHTER OF DRAGONS : Kira of Pacta Servanda, the daughter of the two greatest heroes of her world, was six years old the day she stood on a battlement in Dorcastle, kept safe from the nearby crowds by bodyguards as she stared up at a statue of her mother. As the morning sun cast the shadow of Mari’s statue Kira, she realized that she spend the rest of her life in that shade. Then the world of Dematr that a new kind of ship had left the far-distant world of Urth. The ship would take just years to cover the immense distances between stars. Of all the colony worlds, the ship was coming to Dematr. But for what purpose? Kira was 16 when the ship from Urth arrived, and she discovered that her world still needed heroes. CLICK HERE for a of the book. Charlaine Harris ‘s A SECRET RAGE & SWEET […]

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