Joker origin stories don’t work, and a movie won’t either

Deadline reports that two writers have been assigned to work on a DC Films movie that would tell the origin story of the Joker in a gritty, hard-boiled ’80s setting. Naturally, fans got upset . That’s OK. Fans get upset about nearly everything. But even a terrible, yelling, nitpicking clock is right twice a day. The problem with an origin story is that it undercuts everything that makes the Joker a terrifying villain — even for a hero who uses fear as a weapon. Trying to give the Joker an origin story is a dumb idea Here’s what we do know about the Joker: He originally rose to prominence in Gotham as the anonymous, masked gang leader known only as the Red Hood. In a confrontation with a young Batman, he fell from a catwalk in an abandoned chemical foundry and into a vat of toxic waste. The toxins bleached his skin, changed his hair color to a lurid green and stretched his face into a rictus smile. He and Batman have been locked in a titanic battle of good and evil ever since. Who was he before he was the Red Hood? There has never been a consistent […]

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