Graphic: Emma Mckhann Were it up to Jon Benjamin, he probably wouldn’t have written a book at all. He admits as much throughout Failure Is An Option, a sharp and extremely funny memoir that is occasionally as much about not wanting to write a book as it is about his life. During one of several email exchanges with college professors that he reprints in full (supposedly, though who knows?), Benjamin urges the guy to help him pad the book with examples of historical failures. “Can you at least write a few paragraphs on any subject you pick, and I’ll just add some stuff to extend it to five pages?” The professor ends the correspondence by asking Benjamin to never contact him again. That sense of “maybe we just shouldn’t” is key to H. Jon Benjamin’s entire comedic sensibility, the reason so many fans have gravitated to his particular warped humor through the years. Of course, as he himself admits, most of the people that pick up the book, or even recognize his name—the “H.” is for Harry, a “long buried secret, like an identity easter egg”—will have done so thanks to Bob’s Burgers and Archer , the two long-running […]