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Want to Read The Abnormals Underground Box Set [Books 1-5] Abnormals Undergroundis a truly fantastic series. I envy who is coming new to it as it’s highly addictive and almost painfully hard to wait between volumes. with a volume boxset that one flaw is eliminated. So go ahead and enjoy – warning: pace yourself and remember to sleep at least between volumes. Here are my book by book reviews – Blood Magic (Abnormals Underground #1) This is a fun book with an original take on vampires that makes much sense than the explanations. The lead is a kick-a** heroine in the . The supporting characters are excellent. The world-building is superb and the plot full of just the right amount of action, adventure and romance in the . This is just a well written and fun novel, and definitely recommended. Fire Magic (Abnormals Underground #2) Fire Magic is a wonderful crazy wild ride of reading pleasure and a sure sign that this is going to end up being a set of books that I will be regularly re-reading. Wonderful chemistry between the lead character and her boyfriend is but one of […]

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