June Book Review

It’s July and it’s my June Book Review! Whoa! Okay, my brain goes two different in July. get a little panicky that summer is going by quickly…and the same time, I start looking the pumpkins Hobby Lobby. Ha! Clearly, I’m torn during this middle summer month . Book review days one of my favorite posts of the month. If you recall, it was June 2014 when I decided to making excuses and start reading again. I loved reading (I was that kid who listed reading as a hobby growing up instead of anything outdoorsy or athletic ), but I had the habit drop as I became a mom. Instead of reading, I was watching more TV and just looking at social media. Three ago though, I made a goal to read two books a month and it was one of the BEST I’ve done for myself in a long, long time. Now, I read at least 4 to 6 books a month and I love it! You guys have encouraged me to read, you have introduced me to my new favorite authors (hello, Elin Hilderbrand!), […]

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