A brahman sits in Kumari Chowk prison, accused of embezzling funds from Jung Bahadur’s Nepal. He makes a unique appeal to plead his case, an appeal that is appropriate for the tastes and sensibilities of Jung Bahadur and his brother Krishna Bahadur. It wo Krishna Bahadur fantasised for a moment, goaded on subconsciously by the cruel logic of Jung Bahadur’s Roll of succession, which had already sown the seeds of discord within the Rana brothers, although none knew it yet, least of all Jung Bahadur Dalaan of Thapathali Palace Nepal Valley Krishna Bahadur clutched the roll of papers tighter and entered the dalaan discreetly. Bam Bahadur’s court with Jung Bahadur had not ended. The two older brothers were going back and forth about matters of administration. They were beginning to get quite good at it. Krishna Bahadur watched tulu tulu with envy. Bijay Raj has been quiet about the Muluki Ain draft. Dajyu, he is working the Gurus and Purohits. Some of the more British…umm..modern laws are not sitting well with the old timers. What’s the news from Saheb jyu and Badri Narsingh? They are preparing to arrive here in May, Dajyu. There is no hint of mischief. And […]