Kaethe Schwehn finds freedom in writing post-apocalyptic novel

Arnab Chakladar Poet Kaethe Schwehn has written a book, “The Rending and the Nest,” which focuses on a post-apocalyptic world. Kaethe Schwehn studied poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, earning her second of two MFAs in the art form. She’s expanded her range since then, penning first a memoir and now a novel. “The Rending and the Nest” is a beautiful and mysterious book in which a small society comes together after an inexplicable apocalyptic event. Schwehn let the mysteries of her story unfold in the writing. “I think when I’m first starting to write, I’m always just following an image or a character. There’s very little thinking and planning that goes on ahead of time. So I’d say with everything, I’m encountering it as it’s happening rather than dreaming things up in a very rational way,” she said. Looking back on what she’s written offers the opportunity to reflect on what it might mean, she said. “Most of my thinking about a book happens afterward when I’m trying to understand myself where it came from. And I think now that I can look back on it I would say I do think post-apocalyptic books and dystopian books offer […]

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