Kaethe Schwehn finds freedom in writing post-apocalyptic novel

Arnab Chakladar Poet Kaethe Schwehn has written , “The Rending and the Nest,” which focuses on a post-apocalyptic world. Kaethe Schwehn studied poetry at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop, earning her second of two MFAs in the art form. She’ expanded her range since then, penning first a memoir and now a novel. “The Rending and the Nest” is a beautiful and mysterious in which a small society comes together after inexplicable apocalyptic event. Schwehn let the mysteries of her story unfold in the writing. “I when I’m first starting to , I’m always just following an image or a character. There’s very little thinking and planning that goes on ahead of time. So I’d say with , I’m encountering it it’s happening rather than dreaming things up in a very rational way,” she said. Looking back on what she’s written offers the opportunity to reflect on what it might , she said. “Most of my thinking about a happens afterward when I’m trying to understand myself where it came . And I think now that I can look back on it I would say I do think post-apocalyptic books and dystopian books offer […]

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