Finalists in all seven categories of the Governor General’s Literary Award have been announced. Winter, author of in September, Knopf Canada. Tis the season for award prize short lists and one of the most prestigious in the country has just been announced: the Governor General’s Literary Awards, which features 70 finalists in seven categories in both English and French. Perhaps the most high-profile categories are the fiction — last year by Madeleine Thien for Not Say We Have Nothing — and nonfiction, last year by Bill Waiser for A World We Have . year’s finalists for those two prizes are: Fiction All the Beloved Ghosts , Alison MacLeod (Brighton, UK), Penguin Canada; Lost in September , Kathleen Winter (Montreal), Alfred A. Knopf Canada; The Water Beetles , Michael Kaan (Winnipeg), Goose Lane Editions; Uncertain Weights and Measures , Jocelyn Parr (Montreal), Goose Lane Editions; We’ All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night , Joel Thomas Hynes (. ’s, N.L.) HarperCollins Publishers -fiction All We Leave Behind: A Reporter’s into the Lives of Others ; Carol Off (Toronto) Random Canada; The Handover: How Bigwigs and Bureaucrats Transferred Canada’s Best Publisher […]

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