Kindle Oasis review (2017): Cheaper, waterproof and a bigger screen

Amazon’s last Kindle Oasis felt like an e-reader meant for the very rich. It was astoundingly thin and light, but its $290 price made it a tough sell. The new Oasis is still the company’s most expensive e-reader, but at $250 it’s slightly cheaper than before. It also features a few firsts for Amazon’s Kindle lineup: It’s waterproof — something that readers have been begging for for years — and it has a larger 7-inch screen. While it’s still hard to stomach paying so much for a mere e-reader, the new Kindle Oasis makes a stronger case for doing so than before. Hardware Take the lop-sided design of the last Oasis, make the screen bigger and slap on a metal case, and you’ve pretty much got the new model. While it’s not exactly a fresh look, it feels significantly different than before. Its aluminum case — another first for Kindles — is cool to the touch and gives off a sturdy, premium vibe. It still tapers off to a thin 3.4-millimeter edge, while its thicker side makes it easy to grip with one hand. After years of staring at 6-inch e-ink screens, the Oasis’s 7-inch display feels like a […]

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