Size, as we know, not everything. You might be the 90th largest, but you still emerge with a sizable reputation. This one of several lessons to be learned from the story of the Koh-i-Noor diamond, way down the list in terms of size but, as this new book’s subtitle suggests, looming large in the imagination. It probably also the world’s most dangerous diamond, described here as being “ a living, dangerous bird of prey” so many have lost their lives it. The origins of the Koh-i-Noor, the “mountain of light”, are unknown, beyond the reach even of this book’s two accomplished authors, but it safe to assume that it emerged out of alluvial deposit somewhere in India. It may have been known in antiquity and it may have been referred to in many a romantic tale, but its first verifiable appearance isn’t the 18th , where it decorated the Mughal emperor’s Peacock Throne in Delhi and where it stimulated envy and greed in the emperor’s rivals. the following 100 years, it brought torment and tragedy to a range of people in Delhi, Kabul and Lahore. The history of the […]

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