Kootenay Inspired: An Interview with Paul Saso

Nelsonite Paul Saso is the author of a new book that illuminates the lives of twelve extraordinary Kootenay residents. Believing in the power of community and positive change, he is donating half of the proceeds of his book to both Wildsight’s education programs and Kootenay Lake’s Tipi Camp. I recently sat down with him to chat about changing the world, life paths and an enduring love of the wild. Lindsay : You wrote a book! Paul : did. It took about eight years but it made it. Lindsay : Congratulations. So now that it’s done, what do you will the sharing of these stories? Pau l: I hope that people who read the book will learn each person featured and that they will be inspired by them. I hope that it will improve people’s lives and understanding of the world, and help them to live well, follow their dreams and passions. I also hope to improve the lives of in our community donating to Wildsight’s programs and sponsoring kids to attend Tipi Camp. Basically this project is intended to save the world. Lindsay : Low-reaching goals for Paul Saso (laughs). […]

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