Kovach: Alzheimer's can't stop a love story being told

(Photo: submitted) Dear Chupe, Months after you left us, I found an old box in the basement I’d never seen before. I opened it and found piles of love letters, thousands of perfectly-scripted words sent between you and Grandpa back in 1939. Next to the letters, I found a dictionary with a pink rose he’d given you pressed next to the word love. I grew up thinking that you two were the definition of love. I remember helping you bathe Grandpa after his stroke, watching you two dance on your 50th wedding anniversary, and seeing you heartbroken after he passed away. You fought hard in those first few years after his death; we all knew it was the most difficult time in your life. But you lived to love your family. When you were first diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease 15 years ago, I remember you calling me “moe Chupe, moe Chupe” in Macedonian, or “my girl, my girl.” I had looked into your big blue eyes and said “no, you’re my Chupe.” From then on, the name stuck. Mom and I knew that it was our turn to give you the love and sacrifice you’d given us. And so […]

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