KOZELSKY: Adventures with Grandma

Holly Kozelsky (left) writes for the Martinsville Bulletin, and Margaret Adkins (right) was a columnist who wrote Readers Diaries for about 10 years, before her attention turned to writing poetry. Adkins is getting used to getting around town in a wheelchair. She says that "people are kinder now than they used to be." Contributed Editor’s note: “Grandma” is Margaret Adkins, who was a popular columnist in the Martinsville Bulletin for about 10 years, before she turned her attention to poetry a few years ago. She and Holly are not related, but they get along as if they were. Grandma and I have shared some adventures in life, and the latest one is this: Learning how to use a wheelchair. Grandma has been dealing with one for the past several months. I deal with it just now and then, when we go out. I thought I knew what dealing with a wheelchair was like. However, it’s a whole new level to be the one who accompanies a person in a wheelchair from start to finish. And that’s not even beginning to look at it from the perspective of the person in the chair. So this column is only limited to […]

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