Learning the write way

Me (and) Me is author Alice Kuipers’ latest book. Kuipers will be a presenter at the 2017 Saskatchewan Festival of Words as well as the Sage Hill Teen Writing . Photo courtesy Matt Braden Award-winning author Alice Kuipers to be one of the presenters at the Festival of Words Author Alice Kuipers had to learn the hard way how to deal with . In fact, she has accumulated many letters over the years. “If I could to my teen self and say, ‘You know what? This is actually going to be something you’re doing. You’re going to be able to make your living as a writer,’ I would give myself a little hint: It’s hard work in terms of there’s a lot of rejection,” she said. A decade after to write seriously, she had her first book published in 2007 with her adult (YA) , Life on the Refrigerator Door . Since , the award-winning author has published four other YA novels, two picture books and she has a chapter book set for release next year. “Sometimes people don’t like what you do. People aren’t always interested in what you’re doing. Letting go of all […]

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